Student using his communication device

Exhibit of various AT tools

Upstream Technology

Assistive/Computer Techniques and Technology Services

We can work together to identify your needs and abilities, set high-level goals and enable you to achieve them.

What do you want or need to

       do better?

         do faster?

           do more often?

             do more easily?

               do more accurately?

What do you do well?

What can you do now?

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Our Mission

We dedicate our efforts to exceptional people, who can bring so much to so many, especially if we provide a little encouragement, leverage and help, with tools, techniques, expert guidance and friendship.

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Special Events

The 28th Annual Rosedale Ride

The Rosedale Ride is returning as an in-person event, on March 26, 2022, after its 2-year virtual incarnation. The Rosedale Ride raises money for the Rosedale Foundation, a (501-c3) non-profit, whose mission is to support the children of Rosedale School, AISD's only school exclusively for children with multiple disabilities and profound needs.

Join the fantastic staff from Rosedale and the Rosedale Foundation as a rider, or just to participate in a fun day of music, food, camaraderie and support this great school.

Click on the header above for more info. You can still register online or at the event.

2022 Transition Fair - Family Event at Candlelight Ranch

The Arc of the Capital Area and Candlelight Ranch are hosting their first in-person Transition Fair, aimed to connect individuals, families, and professionals in the I/DD community, to information and exciting activities. This event, held on April 23, 2022, 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM, will be sensory-friendly, family-oriented, and accessible. It is a great opportunity to network with agencies, industry leaders and service providers, as well as partake in free activities such as yoga, art, rock climbing, and more.

For details, click on the header above.

Destination...Life Transition Fair & Conference Archive

This virtual Fair & Conference took place on Mar 5, 2022, connecting people with disabilities to numerous providers and support organizations, to help them prepare for life today. It included presentations, panels, and 150 exhibitors and artists, access to much of which remains available online. Just click on the header to see videos and links. Though its emphasis was on students who are transitioning from high school, it is a valuable resource to a much broader audience.

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Making the Best

Rosedale and Destination...Life rekindle memories of Rosemary Alexander (1947-2020): Devoted mother and creative, insightful driving force, who provided so much support to and between parents of children with disabilities, through Arc of the Capital Area, Pilot Parent, AISD and her non-profit Texas Parent to Parent.

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Upstream Technology's brochure provides a sharable overview of its mission and services.